The World of Denestra has been at peace since the climax of the tale of the Mighty Thunderducks. With the Great evil that threatened the land banished, a calm and tranquility has set over the land and its populace the likes of which has not been seen since the arrival of the first ones.

However, something has disturbed this peace, talk of bandits and monsters preying on the weak and helpless has spread like wildfire throughout the surroundings areas and caused a major uproar amongst the leaders of Denetra. The capital city of Almonesh is home to these leaders, many of whom have never had to deal with this kind of trouble before, leaving the council ill suited to this task. The members of which have been locked in heated debate for weeks now with no possible solution on the horizon.

“We should quell this talk immediately! Find the source and eliminate it before…”

“That could very well stop the talk but what about the actual attacks. The Goblin forces from bloodspire peak are working with the Duergars beneath it! I never thought I would see…”

“Why can’t we just send out forces to deal with all…”

“Where?! Reports say they are springing from everywhere! We don’t have enough forces to deal with all these attacks and if we jump on a false rumor we put many more at risk!”

“Now see here you…”

The raised voices are interrupted by a harsh whip-like crack and the appearance of a bent and wracked old man in the chamber. A moment of silence follows before someone dares to breath.

“Arch Mage! What brings you down from your tower to walk amongst us… mere mortals.” Sneers the voice of Senator Opelor.

“The fact that this place is in such a state and I don’t see any of you fellas doin’ a damn thing about it.” States the figure with a sweeping hand gesture. ” And since none of you boys can seem to agree on how to deal with it I have come up with a plan. As I can recall there seemed to be a time when jobs like these were given to an… unofficial group of employees of the city me boyos. The Mighty Thunderducks I believe they were called….”

A peal of laughter rippled through the group

“The Thunderducks?! Those stories have been the subject of many an alehouse retelling and bards string I can vouch for that!”

“But they were real boyos! And as great as all of the stories you have heard. I had dealings with them myself in my hayday, but I am straying from the point. My plan is to restart the Thunderducks. So they can hunt down those responsible for the wrongdoings.

“An amiable idea but how will we find people of such “Quality”?”

“How else do you find the best of the best… Through competition!” A moment of silence and wayward glances to other senators followed this announcement before finally Senator Falstaff spoke up:


but we change the name.”

The next day finds a large group of people watching a spectacle in the city square. A large contest has been announced to take place in several months… The goal of this contest? To find those willing to quest into the darkness, to face the horrors plaguing the city streets and to become the new heroes that Almonesh and even Denestra sorely need.

Word of this contest has reached your ears and for your own reasons you have decided to enroll, be it for fame and fortune, the opportunity to bring light back to the land or the chance to prove yourself you have always wanted. You have heeded the call and begun your preparations.

Time has passed since the initial announcement of the contest and now many have gathered to Almonesh in the hopes of earning their place in the annals of history. You look amongst you and see many like yourselves registering to participate. As you reach the front of the queue a short man sitting in front of you with a mound of papers looks up for a brief moment and inquires.


Days of Ruin